Welcome to Rodney Robbins Today

If are reading this post, you must be a very special person. Right now, this site is invisible to the internet search engines. If you are here, you were either personally invited by me, or came here from one of my Facebook posts or Tweets. So good of you to stop by! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.

This website is a direct result of all my past internet failures. I’ve tried so many different things on the internet and none of them “worked.” Literally half the stuff on internet won’t load, contains more commercials than content, or it’s just click bate. (Why do I keep falling for those Never Before Seen Historical Photos?) So, having grown tired of that–or just gotten so old I can’t stand to be duped one more time–I started this site. One place for all my stuff.

I’ve literally paid people to tell me not to do this. “Your website should be about ONE thing and one thing ONLY.” Okay. Fine. You’re a hero. That stuff works for you. It has never worked for me. So, I ain’t doing it any more! Plus, I am just too tired, forgetful and cranky to keep track of all the passwords and updates and content creation and keywords for 6 or 7 site, blogs, stores and accounts, and for what? (Insert puking sound here.)

So, in one sense, this site IS about one thing: ME!

My books. My plays. My silly poems and odd little drawings. My rants. The Bite Me Diet–that’s MY diet book. Living with chronic illness–the ones I live with. Of course, it’s also about motorcycles and my Fearless Riding techniques, which, by the way, are WAY easier than the standard techniques.

So, whether you are family or friend, I suggest you bookmark this page now, while you’re thinking about it, and come back often. You never know what I might say next!