Wear Pajamas to the Theatre?


You can, when the show is full of erotic poetry and staged in a lingerie shop!

An award winning local writer is premiering his new play in July at a Gastonia women’s boutique.

Rodney Robbins has a new show called “Bailey and Ailynn–There Will be Blood!” The show is a blend of Irish mythology and erotic poetry. The venue for the world premier is The French Quarter in downtown Gastonia. They specialize in joyful women’s fashions, including intimate apparel. The premier, on Friday July 14, is RenFest Costume Night, but Saturday’s show is Pajama Night. Patrons can wear their favorite nighttime outfits and enjoy the show in the cozy, downtown Gastonia shop.

“I dreamed up the concept for the show at a poetry reading in Lincolnton,” says Robbins. “As I was watching the other poets, I thought it would be a hoot to do a poetry night with a unifying theme. At the same time, I was wondering how much I could get away with in terms of content. I wanted to embarrass and enchant the audience.” It took Robbins two more years to find the right subject for the show. “I knew the Joan Baez version of the Scottish ballad Barbara Allen, and I knew the Irish legend of Bailey and Ailynn. One day, I was thinking about those two stories when a radio show came on about the biblical Song of Solomon, which is erotic advice for young lovers. Suddenly, it all jelled, and I figured out the whole show in a half hour.”

The plot is about star crossed lovers Bailey, Prince of Ulster, and Ailynn, Princes of Leinster. One fateful night, they meet on a lonely beach that just happens to be haunted by a vengeful spirit known only as The Stranger. Told in rhyme, poetic forms used in this play include Iambic Pentameter, Sonnets and Rhyming Couplets (like Shakespeare), but also Pantoums, Rondos and even a kicking Rap number. The show will be performed Readers Theatre style.

Tickets are $15.00 and available at The French Quarter, 105 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Gastonia, NC. Special seats available by silent auction to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The show starts at 7:00 both nights.

Playwright Rodney Robbins, dressed as The Stranger.


Playbill for “Bailey and Ailynn–There Will be Blood!”