Bailey and Ailynn: There Will be Blood!

Stage Play. 2 Acts. 7 Men, 6 Women. 25 Poems.

One part erotic poetry. One part ghost story. One hundred percent engaging. This is the fast-paced tale of young lovers Bailey, Prince of Ulster, and Ailynn, Princes of Leinster. They meet by chance on an isolated beach by the Irish Sea and fall in love. They don’t remember they have met before. Their passion captures the attention of The Stranger, a vengeful spirit with a long memory and a hunger that cannot be satisfied. Can the young lovers find their way clear of The Stranger’s horrible designs? Will they fall into his supernatural web of lies?

Rodney Robbins’ new play is a blast of erotic energy and haunting suspense.

This story is told in verse, including: Iambic Pentameter, beautiful Sonnets, fast paced Tercets, haunting Pantooms, Free Verse, an Ode, a Limerick duel and two kicking Rap numbers. Many of the poems are erotically charged by the depth of the young lovers feelings. This play script can be enjoyed as a book of poetry, as a reading script, or to add depth to your live-theater experience.

Bailey and Ailynn: There Will be Blood! was specifically written to be easy to produce. It can be performed readers theater style with minimal sets, or as a full stage production with lush sets and vivid costumes. See the author’s website for production details. “Bailey and Ailynn–There Will be Blood!” is scheduled for it’s world premiere at The French Quarter, 105 Marietta Street, Gastonia, NC July 14-15, 2017. Come see us at 7:00 on Friday or Saturday.

To read the play for pleasure, to see if it’s is right for your audience, or to get ready for an audition, use the link below. Just so you’ll know, this play is fully protected by copyright. If you are interested in performing this wonderful show live, contact the author.

Playwright Rodney Robbins as The Stranger.

AAA Bailey and Ailynn There Will be Blood PDF for Auditions 05-22-2017